Voracious Deep-Sea Squid


The film captured the squid, Taningia danae, in action: 1 The squid swims towards the bait; 2 It spreads its arms wide; 3 It swims around the bait, twisting its body; 4 It grabs the bait with its eight arms.

The last few days have been hell! My happy Intel Mac is sick and I have been computerless until this afternoon. If that hasn’t been enought there are crazy bioluminescent squid lurking in the deep and everyone covers it before me. Our streak of reporting deep-sea news before everyone else died today. With a tear in my eye, I say sorry.

But back to crazy squid! The Japanese do it again and capture a squid on video. This time is Taningia danae a pelagic squid. (~55-900m). Interesting thing about T. danae, other than bioluminescence, is that as adults both tentacles are lost. The tips of arms II are broadened and contain photophores that can be covered with protective lid. They can get quite large, up to 1.7m for the mantle length. The videos are excellent and show the individual swimming and attacking bate.

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