Wine and Whales

Every since I worked at wine merchant in Natick, MA to pay for my tiny apartment during graduate school, I have enjoyed Italian wines. My favorite? Castello Di Gabbiano.  My other favorite? Catello Banfi. Maybe they will both send me bottles for the online plug (hint, hint).

My love of Italian wines is so great, and this news just bizare enough, for me to temparily loosen the 200m limit for DSN.  At the Banfi Estate a 5 my old, Plicoene, whale was discovered.  In total 16 vertebra, the size of footballs, were excavated.  At the time of the fortunate or unfortunate (depending if you are the whale or the paleobiologist) burial the site was 130m below the sea surface.  The dig site was also littered with several seashells and sharks teeth.  The later are probably from sharks feeding on teh carcass.  I’ll hedge a bet that the shells may relfect scavening gastropods doing the same.

Best quote…“Talk about unique terroir,” laughs Cristina Mariani-May.  A new vintage perhaps…Baleen Brunello?

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  1. Craig,

    Thanks for the link to the article on the Whale Bones in Italy and your efforts for Ocean Conservation.

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