Friday Deep-Sea Picture (08/31/07)


A microscopic baby octopus was collected in plankton samples from a 2005 expedition to the Sargasso Sea.

National Geographic posts more photos at their website here.

Peter Etnoyer (397 Posts)

PhD candidate at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi and doctoral fellow Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies.

4 Replies to “Friday Deep-Sea Picture (08/31/07)”

  1. That thing is really cool. Ok, stupid question, I’m completely new to this blog but was wondering if any advice/information for coral was ever here? I’m a saltwater hobbyist and am always looking for fellow reefers.

  2. Welcome Richard. There’s not a lot of advice about saltwater aquaria here, I’m afraid. We’re field biologists studying deep-sea habitats. Hope you’ll stick around, though.

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