The Cloverfield Monster Is An Abomination From The Deep

I’ve admittedly been hooked on Cloverfield since I saw the trailer (bottom). Can’t say why really as I typically hate monster movies and huge internet hype translates into festering heaps of movies (e.g. Snakes on a Plane). Rick Macpherson is right, I am extremely happy about some recent Cloverfield news. Rick reports this morning that the monster is some abomination from the deep and a bastard child of baleen whale and arthropod. The sheer reproductive logistics of it are mind boggling. What really has this geek salivating is the 6ft tall ectoparasites covering the monster which are dead ringer for Bathynomus giganteus. With a screen debut and musical tribute, I am predicting 2008 to be the year of the Giant Isopod!
A brief glimpse of the monster from the trailer

By the way Rick is having second thoughts about continuing blogging. Rick if you are reading this…if you leave I can’t be responsible for my actions. Seriously, Rick has a fantastic blog, one of the best of the web, and a unique perspective from the conservation trenches. If you don’t read it you should and if you do go tell him to cut out all this leaving nonsense.

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  1. so my awesomely geeky friend has been forwarding me every shred of cloverfield news for the last six months ad nauseum. can’t believe i beat him to the punch on this one by reading DSN!

    danku. oh and fyi – the behind the scenes shedd trip looks like it might happen. will keep you posted.

  2. With a screen debut and musical tribute, I am predicting 2008 to be the year of the Giant Isopod!

    Neat! Go monsters go! LOL
    Dave Briggs :~)

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