CORAL: Conservation Never Looked So Good!


Thanks to Rick MacPherson, Program Director for the Coral Reef Alliance (and fin-tastic blogger!), for this shirt. We met a few weeks ago at the N.C. Science Blogging Conference where we co-moderated a session (along with Peter, Karen and Jason) on Real Time Blogging in the Marine Sciences. It was a great experience. Go over to CORAL today and check out the website and see what awesome projects they have going on. Such as, providing over $350,000 in microgrants for local efforts to preserve and protect coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean. A truely noble effort empowering local people to make small changes with big environmental impacts. Well done Rick and thanks for the awesome shirt! It makes me feel warm here is snowy PA. Head over to CORAL to drop a few bucks in their coffers and go to Rick’s blog to read his current tales liveblogging his field work in Hawaii.

Oh yeah, photo by wifey, who caught me pulling out a crab, avocado and pineapple pizza from the oven while enjoy a Mad Anthony’s APA from the Erie Brewing Company.

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5 Replies to “CORAL: Conservation Never Looked So Good!”

  1. It sounds like they are doing a great job! It’s nice to see people working to stop and reverse the damage us ignorant human being inflicted on nature!
    Dave Briggs :~)

  2. Somebody likes to post pictures of themselves in project swag! First the Beagle tee, now this. Always with beer, I might add.

  3. I think what you should be asking why would I not be without a beer??

    Besides sometimes I have a glass of wine or a tumbler of bourbon.

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