Deep Sea Biologist Heads Inland to Party

– Kevin Zelnio

For those in the know, Scienceblogs, our former overlord, is having a millionth comment party extravaganza. The North Carolina contingent of Scienceblogs is very heavy and they have an exciting day at the Asheboro Zoo planned! The whole Zelnio family will be heading inland to spend the day at the Zoo and to party with my former sciblings and readers. If you want to catch up me and Bora, Abel, James, Science Woman, Sheril, Scicurious, and Dave and Greta head out to Asheboro on Saturday! Bora has all the details as usual.

In short, the bloggers and readers will be spending the day at the Asheboro Zoo and will be treated to a special exhibit tour and a meet and greet with zoo staff, researchers, NC Zoo Society members, and Zoo School teachers and students! Of course at the end of the day we will retreat to a nearby pub for some good food, good fun and good libations (Asheboro just recently legalized serving alcohol…). So, what should we do on Sunday on the way home to the NC coast?

As if that was not enough, next weekend Craig will be in San Francisco to celebrate with the Zooillogix freakazoids, Razib, Janet, Josh and others. Yeah, we deep sea folk get around. Leave a comment if you plan on coming to the NC Party on the 20th or the San Francisco Party on the 26th so we can be sure to buy you a beer!

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