Fat and Lazy


No I am not talking about how Kevin spent his last weekend.  The Colossal Squid is apparently not the voracious predator (say the last in your best David Attenborough voice) that we all secretly hoped.  Steve O’Shea, expert of all big and squiddy, noted from his recent dissection of the Te Papa specimen that as the female matures she gets shorter, broader, and more gelatinous.  Simply put a large gooey vessel for thousands of eggs.  I think its a bit unfair to call her fat and lazy.   She has simply chosen to invest her time and energy elsewhere. You try carrying thoudands of eggs and see how fat and lazy you become.

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  1. Um… Makes me think of far future archaeologist cephalopods digging up Squid Venus out of the sea floor…

  2. “You try carrying thoudands of eggs and see how fat and lazy you become.”

    That puts a damper on the SciFi Channel filing “Colossal Squid” for their Saturday movie, then. ;)

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