'One by One' Lets Stop Dumping Plastic

by Kevin Zelnio

Over at Oceana’s blog, I found this music video from hawai’ian musician Micah Wolf.

Together with the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, creators of the afore-blogged Junk Raft,
Micah Wolf made this great music video for his new song “One By One” to
raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic in the environment.

For more info on plastics, check out Algalita’s http://plasticsareforever.org, and don’t forget to sign our plastics pledge if you haven’t.

For more of our stories on plastics in the ocean go over to the Google toolbar to your right and type in "plastic".

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One Reply to “'One by One' Lets Stop Dumping Plastic”

  1. Whenever I see “plastic” and “ocean” in the same article, I always think of the North Pacific Gyre and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    Mankind will no doubt develop a bioengineered creature or nanotech device to eat the stray plastic, which will then turn upon its creator by consuming the ocean’s plankton. Whoops… that was a bit “glass half empty”, there.

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