TGIF: Friday Deep-sea Picture (09/12/08)


If art is the universal language, how do you say “don’t eat orange roughy”? We’ll have to ask electronic artist Don Relyea, who generated the image above. “Orange Roughy” was inspired by his wife’s cooking, which, unfortunately, includes the fish formerly known as “slimehead”.

Orange roughy are long lived and quickly depleted. They come from seamounts around New Zealand, generally. The fishery works like a clear cutting operation. Take it all and move on. It’s not sustainable. On the bright side, the New Zealand government is one of 69 countries to take part in a new international agreement on high-seas and deep-sea fisheries.

As the agreement states, deep-sea areas need to be rigorously managed to identify and protect vulnerable ecosystems.

Peter Etnoyer (397 Posts)

PhD candidate at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi and doctoral fellow Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies.