Happy Squid Friday!

Just because.  Wearing something cephalopodaliscious? Take a picture and send it to me or leave a link in the comments and we’ll put it up here. Every Friday at the Marine Lab is hereby Squid Day.


Thanks to Andrew and Linette for making Squid Friday’s tentacularly awesome!

Close-up of t-shirt. Click on image to get your own free hugs squid shirt!


Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)

6 Replies to “Happy Squid Friday!”

  1. Srehema, that is awesome! Is it the finished design? Let us know if you get a shirt up, we’ll link to it. The squid design is cool too, could modify it to be a bit more tribal and get it tattooed!

  2. Thanks Kevin! I have the shirt up, just not in my hands but there’s the link if you guys are interested. ^_^ That is the finished design, though I may tinker with it more in the future. I think it would make a great squid tattoo too! Just not enough cephalopod stuff out there, I wanted to contribute. ;)

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