Marine Biologists in Support of Obama

Dr. Mark Westneat is a Curator of Zoology at the Field Museum and the director of the Biodiversity Synthesis Center. A fantastic biologist who has worked on the evolution, physiology and biomechanics of fish feeding and locomotion (both marine and freshwater), is supporting Barack Obama for a variety of reasons. This video is in connection with A Vote for Science‘s video challenge.

Jennifer Jacquet is a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia studying fisheries conservation. She is also a contributor to the Shifting Baselines blog.

Are there any marine biologists out there who are supporting John McCain? Put a video up on Youtube and we will link to you. A Vote for Science is desperately seeking videos of scientists (any discipline) who are voicing their support for McCain, so far they have all been in support of Obama. To view more responses from other scientists, including physicists and chemists, check out the Youtube page for A Vote For Science.

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3 Replies to “Marine Biologists in Support of Obama”

  1. Endorsesments from M Westneat, J Jacquet, and C Powell. What more does a guy need?

    It’s interesting that Bush’s “blue legacy” hasn’t had much impact among the pro-science or pro-environment crowd. Not enough to gain favor for McCain, anyway. I wonder if that work will carry on to an Obama administration.

  2. I thought it was also cool that Dr. Lawrence Krauss of “The Origins Initiative” at Arizona State has also endorsed him. Okay, so he isn’t a marine biologist, but he has some very good reasons to support Obama.

    He was on our radio show this morning, and even though the Minnesota Atheists protect our 501(c)3 status, we didn’t have to bleep our guest when he repeated his endorsement.

  3. I think you will be hard-pressed to find many Marine Biologists supporting offshore drilling and the like. I applaud your objectivity, however.

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