Beginning again

Hello! Welcome to the new Deep Sea News. We’re done sailing the seas of Discovery Channel,  Scienceblogs, and Blogger. It’s a new era.  We’re riding the winds of change. We have our own flagship now –  Please update your bookmarks and/or subscribe using the button on the upper left.

Our new mission and design is probably best described as a cross between those of the Beagle, the Kon Tiki, and the USS Enterprise.  We don’t know where we’re sailing, really. All we know is  Discovery wouldn’t let us sell action figures. A pox on them! – j/k

So, really, how do you like the new digs? Most of the credit goes to Kevin Z for the layout and design and Dr. M for the banner drawings and the web address. I think it holds a lot of promise. Hope you’ll join us, and come along. Deep Sea News is clearly… evolving.

Peter Etnoyer (397 Posts)

PhD candidate at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi and doctoral fellow Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies.

2 Replies to “Beginning again”

  1. Good to know – have updated my blog roll! I very much appreciate your new look – including the scientifically correct banner ;) Also like the fact that there are more semi-aquatic musicans around! :D

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