TGIF Bonus: Cuttlefish Eats Octopus

It is hard to know what to cheer for here

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6 comments on “TGIF Bonus: Cuttlefish Eats Octopus
  1. Great video, octopus got distracted by the diver and paid the price, too bad it wasn’t a much bigger cuttle that ate the diver instead. Poor octo never stood a chance.

    Seriously though it is also interesting to see the small octo shoot that spanner across the structure like that when it was done checking it out. Then at :26 you knew it was all over for the octopus since the cuttle had the classic hunting posture just prior to striking. I’m just surprised the octopus was so entirely distracted by the tools and diver that it didn’t catch that it was being stalked by a cuttlefish only what, 1-2 inches away? Wonderful creatures cuttlefish!!!

  2. Hard to tell, but seems like the cuttlefish was mimicking the floating debris seen elsewhere in the video.

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