Whaling protests bad for business

Japanese Fisheries Agency blamed Mother Nature and her bastard stepchild the Sea Shepherd Society for missing this year’s quota of 60 fin whales and 935 minke whales. They caught only one fin whale, but took 679 “cockroaches of the sea” (Japanese fishery-speak for minke whales).

From the BBC:

Protesters had escalated their attacks on Japanese ships, the agency said… 16 days of hunting were lost due to bad weather and confrontations at sea between activists and the six-ship whaling fleet… The Fisheries Agency added that several hunting ships were damaged in collisions or by chemicals thrown by the protesters.

Peter Etnoyer (397 Posts)

PhD candidate at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi and doctoral fellow Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies.

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  1. Who me? I’m far too old to agree with Sea Shepherds dangerous and hostile approach towards fisheries enforcement, but you must agree they get results, by the whalers’ own admission.

  2. Maybe the walers wrote this to make people believe the SSCS were effective in order to divert funds and manpower from more usefull efforts.

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