Oops! I Did It Again…

Was messing around with my web host server and lost the last 3 days of comments! I was able to rebuild the posts and sidebar (and have duly backed up my database today). I apologize to all the commenters on the last few posts! But unfortunately I had to go back to older database backup and lost the comments. Thanks to Google Cache I was able to copy and past the posts though!

So, have YOU backed up your database ;)

Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)

2 Replies to “Oops! I Did It Again…”

  1. Ooops Kev did it again
    He played with the site
    Got lost on the web.
    Oh deep sea deep sea…
    But it was cached
    And DSN was saaaaved!
    Kev’s not that web-innocent!

  2. LMAO

    For never taking any courses in computers and learning everything on my own I’m at least impressed with myself!

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