Darwin and the Adventure: the Brazilian TV Show!

Globo is one of the major television networks in Brazil and they are airing this week a special segment on the Darwin and the Adventure expedition aboard the Tocorim√©. It is very exciting to see how the production came out. It is all in portuguese except for the English speakers’ interviews. I don’t know how long this embedded video will play, but you can also see it on Globo’s website. Does this mean I am big in Brazil?

For more on Darwin and the Adventure, visit the media page on The Beagle Project.

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  1. The Beagle Project is really a good iniciative, not just as a researching project but also to conscientize people and children mainly.
    Knowledge about how the ecossystems work is important, because it helps to give a better ecological education and then helps to keep ours forests and seas alive.



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