Treking Poles, Sledges, 1600lbs of Pork, and 12 Cases of Whiskey

In January 1908, Shackleton and his team built a hut on the Antarctic continent to serve as a base for an attempt on the South Pole.  They spent 9 months in that hut with temperatures reaching -58F.  Luckily, 1600lbs of pork, 100lbs of mustard for that pork, >100 packs of crackers, and plenty of golden pancake syrup accompanied them in that hut.  To that list, was 12 cases of MacKinlay’s Rare Old Whiskey.  I know you are trying to figure it out in your head…it is 16 bottles per month, a little over 1 bottle per man per month.  Well apparently two cases were not fully utilized, so to speak.  An archaeological team uncovered the lonely cases of scotch while excavating around the site of the hut.

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  1. I too will drink that whiskey. Wow, over 100 years old, now that is aged!
    Vermont Great Grandad

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