Ocean Bloggers Continue to Make a Difference in Kid’s Lives

Received this nice letter from a teacher whose project we funded during our Donor’s Choose drive last Fall.

Dear Kevin Zelnio,
Thank you so much for helping to bring the ocean to our midwest classroom. The majority of our first grade students have never been to the ocean, and likely won’t be going there anytime soon. We have a great resource nearby, a very popular aquarium, but many of the kids’ families can’t afford a visit there. By funding this proposal, you have given students a chance to experience ocean life right here at our school. It is very exciting for students this age to be able to see and touch live ocean animals while learning about how they live in their natural habitat. This has been one of the most worthwhile proposals I’ve had funded for my classroom so far, giving students a chance to experience something they otherwise wouldn’t! Thanks to all of you! Thanks to those of you who are ocean bloggers who took up our cause! Thanks so much!!!! I encourage you to continue to support Donorschoose.org and students! (emphasis mine)

With gratitude,
Mrs. S.

Keep it coming guys! You are making a real impact in ocean education. If you think it does’t matter now, you don’t want to wait 30 years till this generation makes your laws to find out. Instill an appreciation of the ocean and its biodiversity NOW.

Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)

2 Replies to “Ocean Bloggers Continue to Make a Difference in Kid’s Lives”

  1. Just read that letter and wanted to say thanks! As a teacher and a parent I can truly appreciate what you did and understand the difference that will make to those children. As a part time photographer who focuses on educating all ages about appreciating what is right around them, this brought another insight. Living with in minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, I forget that not all children or adults for that matter, have been able to experience swimming in the ocean, looking for shells and building sandcastles at the edge of the ocean. Certainly something to think about.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment Daniele! As a father myself, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to give children these rare opportunities to learn about nature. We need to work hard to make it the norm to learn about, appreciate, and be in nature at the earliest ages possible!

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