Friday Cephalocomics

Apparently Batman + Lightsaber vs. Shark was just the start of an oceanic comics avalanche. Please enjoy 20,000 Leagues of DANGER!!! from the excellent comic Hark! A Vagrant. Poor giant squid, just wanting to be loved.

Also a Jedi octopus from Hijinks Ensue! Ha ha, now the lightsaber is on the other tentacle!

Miriam Goldstein (230 Posts)

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One comment on “Friday Cephalocomics
  1. So cute and so sad at the same time! Normally I am irked by improperly placed cephalopod mouths, but the expressions are SO GOOD I am willing to overlook it in this instance.

    The bored eyes of the Jedi Octopus do not quite make up for the horribleness of Capt. Nemo.

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