Examiner Taxonomy FAIL

Do I really need to point out the error here? At least they got it down to Kingdom correctly…

Click on the image to go to the original article.

UPDATE: The critter is a pelagic sea cucumber, phylum Echinodermata, genus Enypniastes which is #20 on our list The 27 Best Deep-Sea Species. I can’t definitively ID to species from the image. But a far cry from Phylum Cnidaria!

Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)

4 Replies to “Examiner Taxonomy FAIL”

  1. Sorry Kevin, I’m at a complete loss! What on earth is that animal? Obviously not a jellyfish, if that thing is a gut, but what are those tubes? It doesn’t look like anything from my (admittedly dated) zoology-book… And the image doesn’t seem clickable…

    1. Sorry guys! I emended the text to describe what it is. Also fixed the broken link to the image. Cheers!

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