My cameo in webcomic The Devil’s Panties

I have achieved the fame and fortune that every young geeklet dreams of – to have a cameo in the fabulous webcomic The Devil’s Panties. I recently attend this most excellent event in honor of my friend Aili – who also happens to be long-time friends with Devil’s Panties artist Jennie Breeden.

That’s me in the hat, going on about drill holes in clam shells! (I clearly said “squid” when I meant “octopus,” but DO NOT STOMP ON MY GLOW.) WOOHOO!

Miriam's Cameo in webcomic The Devil's Panties

Miriam Goldstein (230 Posts)

5 Replies to “My cameo in webcomic The Devil’s Panties”

  1. OMG THAT’S SO COOL!!! I read her EVERY DAY! And I also fangirled all over her this one time. She sounds like she’d be a hilarious good time.

  2. I couldn’t remember if you said squid or octopus and the internet says both have a beak but I knew I’d get flamed if I got it wrong so I flipped a coin.
    if it’s supposed to be octopus then I can change it.
    I had so much fun drawing your…bathing suit.

    1. I’m sure I said “squid” when I meant “octopus,” what with my delirium at being back in my beloved New England at such a fine party. But yeah, it was an octopus drill hole. Squid just tear things limb from limb with their giant spiked suckers. (I don’t want to know if there’s hentai about that. DO NOT GOOGLE, PEOPLE.)

      I am so glad you had fun drawing my…huge tracts of ocean. These comics are pretty much the best nerd thing to happen to me ever! They are already up in my office. Thanks so much, Jennie!

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