The Great Link Shark

Check out today’s Maritime Monday over at gCaptain, compiled by Monkey Fist.

Ron Schott who blogs at the Geology Home Companion blog, held a conference call-in with 6 other geobloggers (including myself) to discuss Current Issues in the Geoblogosphere. A great and productive discussion was had. Listen in here or just check out the conference call notes.

A nice blog post at Fossils and Other Living Things about one of my undergraduate mentors, Geerat Vermeij, a blind paleontologist who can tell so much about taxonomy and natural history by using his “privileged hands”.

The Small Things Considered blog discusses Biofilms Over Troubled Waters, the role of microbes in the Gulf oil catastrophe.

Hilarious, sad and true headline from The Onion: Shrimp Boat Captain Worn Out From Long Day Of Putting Human Face On Crisis.

“Fourth-generation shrimp boat captain Buford Comeaux said Wednesday that he was wiped out from a 14-hour day spent personifying the human toll of the BP oil spill in the media. “They get me out of bed at the crack of dawn, and they make me do interviews all morning,” said Comeaux, 49, who acknowledged he had lost track of how many times he had uttered the phrase ‘shrimping is all I know’ since the disaster began in April. “Then the rest of the day they take pictures of me staring at my empty trawl, holding my wife’s hand on the living-room sofa, or gazing out at the Gulf from the deck of my boat. God, I could just collapse right here.” Comeaux reportedly slept heavily for four hours before waking at sunrise so CNN could shoot some B-roll of him walking forlornly down a pier.”

Popular Mechanics discusses how the Gulf oil disaster will effect human health.

Dawn Evans Redford published a nice poem on the Coastal Health Blog titled Oystermen.

“…He wades the black bay to his oysterboat and sputters
into the dawn away from the sleeping town.
With shrinking shadow and twelve-foot tweezers,
he probes the bay bottom, forces mudclusters
0f oysters that clunk into his boat…”

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