TGIF: Carnivals and more penguins

Circus of the Spineless is up at Hectocotyli!

This is the Circus of the Spineless, rubes! Where the only vertebrae are the steel girders of the vomit rides, and who knows when those bolts were last tightened! Tickets are free, but the post traumatic stress lasts a lifetime!

So bring a full pack of smokes and wear your cleanest heavy metal tshirt. It’s a midway of stomach-clenching treats, sucker-games to challenge physics, and side show freaks. Slime right up. Let the show begin!

If that’s too slimy for you, Carnival of Evolution offers tasty goodness at 360 Degree Skeptic.

Also, African penguins hatching at New England Aquarium, via Zooborns.  Awww, fuzzy. (Even though I did not win the naming contest! The winning name: Pilchard, the fish that is the penguins’ main food source.)

Miriam Goldstein (230 Posts)