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The 23rd edition of the Carnival of Evolution is up at the homepage, featuring Larry Moran of Sandwalk and chock full of good readin’.

Check out the latest Maritime Monday at gCaptain.

Former DSN team member Peter Etnoyer has been working with the Saba Bank conservation effort since 2006. It now has paid off with the designation of 2500 square kilometers of the Caribbean’s newest reserve at Saba Bank! Keep up the great work Peter!

Dusty from Uncharted Atolls writes an excellent and important post about mismanaged fisheries. The overlooked tragedy is with the invertebrates which are harvested by the tonnes for purposes other than food.

PLoS has released the new PLoS Biodiversity Hub! It will incorporate open access article on biodiversity and promote a community of scholarship centered on biodiversity science, semantically enhance articles making the use of an article’s data, more efficient, and provide a community forum for biodiversity researchers and the like.

Guppy sex… a soap opera of seduction and sneak matings! Over at A Scientific Nature:

Finding and (and then convincing) a female to mate with you is hard enough.  Just look how much trouble that young, muscular, attractive male guppy above is having.  Then you have to worry about your sperm being beaten out by the sperm of ugly rapists. Well hopefully you only have to worry about these things if you’re a guppy.

Hundreds of journals from Royal Navy surgeons during 1793-1880 are released. Some of the entries are just epic. Download the pdf and sit down a bottle whisky for the night, its a good read!

Arthropoda tells us about Mantis Shrimp Bio-Armor (tm) and how it is used in ritualized sparring.

Sam a Oceanographer’s Choice has a nice article up about a new multispecies management proposal, borrowing from the success of the lobster management plan.

Longreach just might save your life out on the sea one day, which is why it is this year’s Dyson Award winner!

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