Thanks for YOUR Ocean Education Support!

We are about halfway through our Ocean Bloggers United for Education Donor’s Choose Initiative! Its amazing that we have already helped to fully fund 9 projects, impacting over 520 students from all across the Nation. We have 20 amazing, generous donors contributing anywhere from $1 to $75. I’d like to publically thank our champions of ocean education:

Katharine N., Gregory G., Abby B., Deborah M., Matthew D., Brian R., Jennifer G., Ken S., Chelsea C., Elisa C., Natasha W., Christy I., Jarrett B., Alastair D., and 4 anonymous donors, plus Craig and myself.

Remember, your donation WILL BE MATCHED BY HP! So you awesome people will be receiving a Donor’s Choose gift card to use to support (hopefully) more Ocean Bloggers United for Education projects after this month long run initiative is over.

There is still time to make a difference and put your hat in the ring to win some one-of-kind prizes. A shrunken head DECORATED BY YOU from the crushing pressure of the deep Monterey Canyon?? A book or two from my collection?? A Knitted mollusk?? A song written for you by me about your favorite ocean creature?? MEXICAN SQUID MEMORABILIA!? This is insane, why are waiting???

Just hear how your donations have made such a difference to Mrs. B, who was the last project to be funded by us:

Thank you so much for funding our Under the Sea Treasures! Surf’s Up in 1st-Grade! Dive on In! project on! We can’t wait to get these fun ocean items. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have new materials in our classroom! My first-graders get so excited about even the tiniest things! Bringing the ocean to them through these wonderful activities and books is going to create a fantastic learning experience that they will remember forever. I want to help my students to learn about the ocean so that they can appreciate what an important and beautiful resource it is. You have helped me to do this! Thank you very much for caring so much about something so beautiful and for caring about my little students who hold the future in their hands! We appreciate your gifts very much and promise to use them well.

Please help to inspire our future ocean warriors! I know we can do so much more and $25 is priceless when it helps to inspire a life long appreciation of, perhaps even a career in, the ocean.

Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)