Worst Halloween Costume Ever?

Naughty Nem-Oh

Hey look! I found Nemo! No, wait, wait, I found a shimmery spandex orange and white leotard, matching legwarmers, a tiny black tutu, and four inch heels. You can understand my confusion though. Just call me Dory.

This costume is offensive on so many levels I don’t even no where to start.  First can somebody explain to me why Halloween is an invitation for women to “get sexy”? Second, what if I, a male, want to dress up as a sexy fish for the holiday?  Where are my costumes?  But we must not forget that this costume may represet the worst concept for costume and quite possible the worst ocean themed costume ever.

By the way…spandex is never sexy.

Make sure you take a look at the other horrible costumes via Sexy Halloween Costumes I Would Never Wear – Holidash News h/t to Dr. Kellogg

Dr. M (1801 Posts)

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5 Replies to “Worst Halloween Costume Ever?”

  1. I have no issue with sexy costumes (says the one going as a steampunk burlesque dancer this year) it’s the lack of taste and women wearing them out other places than adult halloween parties. Don’t get me started on the sexy costumes for little girls, those creep me out so much.

  2. I’ll be wearing a squid hat, this Halloween. The urge to complete the ensemble with a spandex superhero costume… Captain Calamari… is still under debate.

  3. Worst halloween costume ever…or BEST halloween costume ever? I do enjoy my spandex and got kind of excited (but also quite disturbed) at this costume. ‘Sexy Elmo’ (from link) is another keeper…hahahha

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