The Deep-Sea Makes Everything Taste Better

A Slovenian winemaker revealed a unique technique for maturing wine when he retrieved 600 bottles that he laid six months ago in clay-made amphoras on the Adriatic seabed.

The sparkling wine, named Poseidon after the Greek god of the sea, was placed at a depth of 30 metres where the temperature is between 12 and 13 degrees Celsius, perfect for storing and maturing wine, Ivan Simonic said.

The constant movement of the sea means the usual techniques used to mature sparkling wine are not necessary, he added.

The wine will be priced at around 100 euros ($139) a bottle and if it sells well Simonic plans to construct a purpose-built deep sea wine cellar.

Up next Kevin and I will be releasing a limited 1000 bottles of North Carolina moonshine that rested gently on the abyssal plains for three years. It will be called Ol’ Davy’s Finest Premium Black Shine because it aged in the darkness of the deep and the first batch made my uncle Davy see nothing but black for a fortnight.

via Winemaker creates deep sea wine cellar.

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