Hawaii Dive-0! 1,000th Dive of the Pisces Submersbiles




Marine scientists recently celebrated the 1,000th dive of one of their twin manned submarines off the coast of Hawaii.Scientists from the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory HURL have now spent nearly 9,000 hours underwater around the Hawaiian Islands and U.S. Pacific territories since 1981.

Seen below is the Pisces IV. The Pisces V can be seen here.






via Hawaii Dive-0! Its manned subs 1,000th trip! – Technology & science – Science – OurAmazingPlanet – msnbc.com.

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  1. Beautiful. I sure miss my old hobby! Oceanographic cover collecting.

    This would have been a great dive for some documented dive covers to have been carried on to serve as a tangible and direct souvenir of the event.
    Terry and the others were always really good at helping what few oceanographic collectors are still around (as part of the greater naval and ship cover collecting area) but haven’t seen anything in years. Miss y’all and your fine assistance over the years.

    Hopefully there were at least a few? Would love to see someone post a pic if there were any made up, even for HURL’s own archives.
    If you would like to see more about oceanographic cover collecting, see my group at MyPhilately.com http://myphilately.com/grp_view.php?group_id=327

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