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“If you can’t beat them, eat them!” Enrique Gili discusses at Miller-McCune how our best offensive against the spread of invasive lionfish might be the fork and knife. Even NOAA encourages consuming lionfish (pdf) from the Atlantic seaboard.

D’ya like dags? He’s got 101 uses for shark puke.

Radioactive leaks found at 75% of US nuclear sites. Seriously folks, wind, water and sun – let’s stop talking and make it happen.

Southern Fried Science started a new cartoon series, Deep Fried Sea, about the little vent snail that could.

An underwater journey: magazine collage from Russian artist Pavel Shangin.

A report on CBS News discusses new historical research about the rise of sea level. But no mention of thermal expansion playing  a role in sea level! Only melting of glaciers and ice. Dudes! Water expands when it warms up!


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