Camper? Boat? Nah I’ll take both!

Sealander – Schwimmcaravan – Grenzenlos mobil from SEALANDER – Der Schwimmcaravan on Vimeo.

The price tag of $20,000 is not making me shy away from the Sealander, a camper/boat transformer. Now if it would transform into a robot and destroy evil. 

Through its integrated waterproof chassis can be Sealander without trailers and slipway just launched. Among the wide bowl shape provides high stability and thus a safe location on the water. Due to the shallow draft can also navigate shallow waters. A low-emission electric motor allows the unlicensed use of almost all inland waters. The accumulator of the outboard motor can also take advantage of the power of the interior and while driving on land can be easily loaded on the towing vehicle.

I also wonder about the name, but I guess Lakelander doesn’t roll off the tongue.

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