Thanks for supporting oceans in the classroom, but we got more work to do!

You guys rock! Thirteen of us managed to bundle up enough cash, just shy of $1,000, to fund 3 project, impacting over 130 students. Many of these supplies will live on to be used by future students down the line so your impact is really immeasurable. Aside from myself, these 12 dedicated ocean lovers deserve a big round of applause for putting the money where it matters most – in local, impoverished schools.
Eric from CT
Lauren from NY
Janice from SC
David from PA
Janet from CA
Jarrett from CA
Elizabeth from IL
Danna from CA
“A science education nerd” from MA
The Donor’s Choose Team
1 Anonymous donor
And our very own Miriam

Thanks to you all, students from Tennessee will learn about ocean acidification, first-graders in Rochester NY will be inspired by their new aquarium, while young learners in Brooklyn NY will learn how important our biggest environment is through their books and toys. One teacher wrote to our readers about what this means for her class:

Thank you so much for your support of this hands-on environmental project I am developing! As an exciting sidenote, my lesson plan and powerpoint for this Ocean Acidification Student Research Project has now been shared with interested educators across the nation via the National Science Teacher Association chatgroups that I actively participate in. As the materials arrive, I will be creating a ‘how to’ guide educators using pictures that I will take as my students and I set up for the project. This project you have so generously funded has already expanded to inspire other science teachers across the nation – before it has even arrived!

Another side note is that I am now pushing my district into allowing me the opportunity to pilot our first ever AP Environmental course offering in 2012. I am currently looking into how to increase the depth of this honors Chemistry project to use it in the upper level Environmental corse. The materials you have made possible will be used for many years to come and in with more students.
With gratitude,
Mrs. P

It’s not too late to make a difference either! Just because our annual drive is over doesn’t mean kids are in any less need. We still have three unfunded projects that we would be honored if you choose to help us fund. There is roughly $1,800 needed to get all three off the ground and OVER 600 STUDENTS WILL BE IMPACTED from just these three projects alone! The4se are schools are in high poverty areas of Detroit, Lousiania and Utah where the educational system has left behind many of its youth. But these teachers are taking the time out of their days to go above and beyond the state-mandated curriculum to provide their students with inspirational learning projects they would never receive otherwise. Let’s not fail them!

Let’s get Louisiana students the materials they need to study their own seas – who knows, maybe inspire a generation that cares enough about the ocean to do everything they can to prevent future oil spill catastrophes in their own backyard. Let’s inspire students from the mountains, many of whom English is a second language, or students from the motor city, many of whom may never see an ocean. Because I’m serious about giving students the best opportunities for learning about the ocean I will send EVERY donor, between now and November 1st, that gives $25 or more one book from my collection of science books. You can pick which one!

Let’s do this. Our impact is high, thousands read us every day and it is getting towards the season of giving and caring, let’s put our collective energy into this next week and get the word out and make this a reality for at least 600 students and teachers.

Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)

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  1. FYI, check your inboxes! In a bout of awesomeness, the donorschoose team is sending out some $25 gift codes that we can use to fund more projects! Wahoo!

  2. You rock Jarrett! Email me your address and what book you want or if there are any you are looking for that might be in the Zelnio Collection!!

  3. These gift cards are getting a little crazy, they just sent me a $60 one as a match for the real donation. Yesterday it was a $25 gift card. So for just $25 from me, the project gets $110. Donors Choose rocks!

    1. Lauren, YOU rock for donating so generously to Oceans in the Classrooms projects! What book do you want?

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