We are the 99%


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Dr. Alistair Dove is a systematic and ecological parasitologist by training, with broader research interests in the natural history and health of marine animals, especially whale sharks. He is currently Director of Research and Conservation at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta USA. His comments here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Georgia Aquarium

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  1. LOL I had this discussion recently to one of my far right wing relatives who complained that the 99% were “spineless”. He was not pleased.

  2. I adore this! However, I would like it better if it either said “1% of the organisms…” or didn’t show algae as animals.

  3. I loved this, until I realized there are at least four vertebrates in the bottom half of this picture… LAME

    1. Well, I took it as not about inverts vs verts, but cuddly attention whore megafauna versus everything else FWIW

    2. Kevin’s response notwithstanding, “at least four vertebrates” is also kind of a “LAME” comment! What’s a “kind of invert” or a “sort of vertebrate”?

      ; )

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