National Geographic on Capturing Bioluminescence on Camera

Despite the “hunting the giant squid” theme, there is some really cool footage here. some of it I haven’t seen before.

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  1. Any idea where this was shot?
    I’m wondering whether the blue colouring is misleading because of the camera, and the actual colour seen is more greenish and dim, like I know it to be in the red sea, or if this is the actual colour seen by human eyes as well.

  2. This was shot by Ammonite and the footage here was filmed this year in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Belize. We are showing colours as the human eye perceives them, blue in this instance but some animals emit green light.

  3. I recognize the particular patterns of Periphylla periphylla, one of my favorite deep sea scyphozoans, in that video. All you get a some lappets lighting up and a muscular tentacle or two but there aren’t too many other jellies with that particular body plan. Awesome footage all around, thanks for sharing.

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