What 1 hour of Deep-Sea Vent Life Looks Like in 2 Minutes

Our friends at Neptune Canada have posted this time-lapse video on their Youtube Page. Note the zillions of sea spiders (Pycnogonids), this is a feature of the Northwest Pacific vent province, we rarely see so many pycnogonids at other vents around the world.

Sea spiders, tubeworms, scaleworms, limpets and snails crawl about in a hot vent ecosystem 2120m below sea level.

This time-lapse video compresses an hour of action into 2 minutes. The video was recorded by Tempo-Mini, an innovative instrument platform, which combines chemical and temperature sensors with an HD video camera. Tempo-mini’s camera and lights were left on continually for the entire month of October, 2011.

Kevin Zelnio (870 Posts)

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  1. auugh! this looks like my bedroom! my cat’s hairs are everywhere! did it get down there too??!
    This is beautiful. I love that you show how much life is there!

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