…BECAUSE I AM!!! Yes, I am yelling this from the mountaintops: I cannot wait to shed my drab winter wardrobe and move on to Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Finally, my fashion obsession is perfectly appropriate for a blog post at #DeepSN. This season the runways were flooded (ha!) with ocean-themed prints and marine-inspired design:

Coral Reef Dress, Mary Katrantzou S/S 2012 ready-to-wear

Coral Reef print, Mary Katrantzou S/S 2012 ready-to-wear

Mermaid Dress, Versace S/S 2012


Fire coral skirt, Holly Fulton S/S 2012

Molluscan glory, Versace S/S 2012

I NEED this dress - Stella McCartney S/S 2012

Iridescent simplicity, Giorgio Armani S/S 2012

The Bible (a.k.a. Vogue) has all the news:

  • Sarah Burton at McQueen raised the humble barnacle into a mesmerising jacquard-weave peplum suit and seed-pearled face lace.
  • Take a dip with spring/summer 2012’s most covetable accessories – Givenchy’s shark tooth pendants, Chanel’s conch-shell clutches and Versace’s mermaid adorned totes.
  • Karl Lagerfeld plunged headfirst into the watery depths for Chanel’s spring/summer 2012 show, with a catwalk covered in giant coral and crustaceans, while Florence Welch sang from inside a white shell.
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  1. No fun filter: I couldn’t tell if the conch shells were real or not – but if they are, that’s bad. :(

  2. The way that first dress “poofs” out at the bottom, I would have made the top half black, the bottom half blue, added purple tentacles and called it the Man o’War. Obviously, I am by no means a fashionista. ;)

  3. As for the queen conch, I still get my yearly craving for conch fritters. MBA’s sustainable seafood guide tells me I need to switch to abalone, but I have yet to try that one.

    1. Abalone tastes pretty similar to conch, in my opinion. Give farmed abalone a try!

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