Must Own a Poster of This

xkcd yesterday brought one of the spectacular pieces of illustration ever seen on the internet, Lakes and Oceans.  This glorious piece of art features depths of the world’s lakes and oceans as well as the homes of David Bowie and Freddy Mercury.  Some of the xkcd illustrations and cartoons make it too posters.  Well Jarrett Byrnes and I have decided we want posters. And we know you want them too.  So DSN is starting a write-in campaign to [email protected]

Thanks to the many people who brought this too my attention including Roy Plotnick and Chris Shields.

Dr. M (1720 Posts)

Craig McClain is the Assistant Director of Science for the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, created to facilitate research to address fundamental questions in evolutionary science. He has conducted deep-sea research for 11 years and published over 40 papers in the area. He has participated in dozens of expeditions taking him to the Antarctic and the most remote regions of the Pacific and Atlantic. Craig’s research focuses mainly on marine systems and particularly the biology of body size, biodiversity, and energy flow. He focuses often on deep-sea systems as a natural test of the consequences of energy limitation on biological systems. He is the author and chief editor of Deep-Sea News, a popular deep-sea themed blog, rated the number one ocean blog on the web and winner of numerous awards. Craig’s popular writing has been featured in Cosmos, Science Illustrated, American Scientist, Wired, Mental Floss, and the Open Lab: The Best Science Writing on the Web.

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  1. Great poster, but the use of “Fun Fact” for a fact about 3 tragedies that killed over 1300 people seems a bit insensitive. Maybe he could have used something like “Interesting Fact”? Sorry, just bothers me.

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