TGIF – 100% live coral cover

Right now our own @rmacpherson is in the Pacific, talking coral and shark conservation Fiji.  In honour of his trip, here is a beautiful video of 100% live acroporid coral cover in the nearby Solomon Islands, shot by Bruce Carlson.  I offer it as evidence for this TGIF that there are still many beautiful and wonderful places to see in the oceans.  Its also a bit of self-therapy since I’ve been working on reef degradation stuff all week.  Sure reefs are threatened, but lets take a moment today to enjoy coral reefs as they still are in some special places and certainly how they are meant to be: colorful, noisy and full of life and form. Do yourself a favour, put it on 1080p and go full screen…

Roll over to Bruce’s YouTube channel and check out his other stuff.

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Dr. Alistair Dove is a systematic and ecological parasitologist by training, with broader research interests in the natural history and health of marine animals, especially whale sharks. He is currently Director of Research and Conservation at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta USA. His comments here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Georgia Aquarium

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