TGIF – the coral triangle, a-capella style!

From the Barber lab at UCLA comes this awesome video.  Not only can they sing better than most biologists, but the lyrics are great!  I especially liked the line about not caring about income, just wanting to discover stuff.  I feel ya…

Hat tip to @neillosin on Twitter

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4 Replies to “TGIF – the coral triangle, a-capella style!”

  1. fantastic ladies…. bravo ..maybe more Survey Results …will spawn the next EP ..look forward to it !

  2. Absolutely love this! Recognize some of my Indonesian colleagues here – I wonder if Erdi inspired the music at all…always with guitar in hand!

  3. You’ve all done a wonderful job. The lyrics are fantastic, and the singing is very good. But above all, I applaud the fact that you took the time away from research to produce a fun and educational video.

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