TGIF: One does not simply walk into the lower intertidal

The always epic Alex Warneke (a.k.a. A-Pain) made us a little nerd-gift based on the gull-vs-octopus battle. Happy Friday!

Miriam Goldstein (230 Posts)

5 Replies to “TGIF: One does not simply walk into the lower intertidal”

  1. …its blue gates are guarded by more than just crabs. There is 8-tentacled evil there that does not sleep and the great octopi are ever watchful. It is a dangerous land riddled with barnacles, chitons and cunjevoi. The very water is a suffocating blanket. Not with ten thousand gulls could you do this, it is folly…

  2. The aquatic races in my undersea Dungeons & Dragons game do this. They float baited lassos to the surface to go “birding”.

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