Apparently hell is populated by squid.

As I mentioned in our Firefly post, I’ll be covering San Diego Comic Con for Deep Sea News. I’ll actually be attending the convention tomorrow, but here’s a little preview of some cephalopodic comic goodness, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.

Over on my Google+, Danna Staaf has the best reaction: “Maybe it’s a the plaintive look in their eyes or the supplicative gesture of their arms, but those look more like lost souls than devils to me. So now I’m wondering, do we all have cephalopods for souls, or merely the wicked?”

Miriam Goldstein (230 Posts)

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  1. Hello Miriam,

    You should look up my friends from Juneau, Alaska who have a booth at the ‘Con. They are called ‘Alaska Robotics’ (their storefront is called “Lucid Reverie’ and they frequently feature sea creatures in their art and T-shirts. check em out!

  2. This comes from “shared” mythologies in (science)fiction where in this case HP Lovecraft’s creatures are “shared” often having tentacles or resembling squids
    See “Cthulu” > think extraterrestrial multidimensional “space kraken”
    I’m still waiting for a respectable movie version of any of HP’s great works.

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