A More Badass Popeye

I probably would have paid more attention to Popeye as kid if he had looked like this.  Now I need to go eat some spinach and work on my forearms.

Popeye | The High Definite.

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  1. No endorsement or whatnot inferred, but I gotta let you know this is making its way around the Navy and we LOVE IT. Gonna start putting the term “Hold fast” back in my lexicon. Even though the coasties claim him, yours is obviously wearing Navy dress blue pants, bell bottoms and all. So I’m claiming this one. OUTSTANDING work! Thanks for this.

    Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Martin Wright, USNR

  2. Both the Navy and the Coast Guard can lay claim to Popeye, but so too may the Merchant Marine. He switched from Merchant Marine to Coast Guard and then to Navy during World War II.

  3. Love this drawing and would love to know the story behind all the tattoos. I know the date 1 – 17 – ’29 is the first time Popeye showed up in print; Olive is obvious as well as I Yam what I Yam. But what about the others? Do tell, please.

  4. “E.C. Segar” on the left fore arm is the writer of the original comic. Aside form the spinach leaves, that is all I know about them.

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