Sea Lion Photo Bomb


And here is an example of plastic entering the marine food web I had not thought of. BTW that’s a California Sea Lion but feel free to correct if this a mollusk specialist has this wrong.

Ooooh, Whats This Thingy Do? – Neatorama.

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3 comments on “Sea Lion Photo Bomb
  1. What if the seal planned on punking the dude by blowing into snorkel? Haha, it doesn’t look like it has any kind of purge valve…

  2. Gee! Sea Lions are pretty intelligent little guys. I think this one is perhaps mistaking the tube for a microphone and is simply trying to make a report on the local pollution problems. It doesn’t look anything like a fish. But then again, the sea lion may be considering a way to kill the large and colorful intruder to use as the main course in a community feast. They would, of course, unwrap the meal from it’s plastic packaging before consuming. That could cause a problem down the road a bit.

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