Do you like the ocean?  Do you want everyone to know about the ocean?  Are you cold? Do you need a container for your beverage?

If you like all these things then you can donate here to help bring ocean science to classrooms around the country and win an awesome prize straight from Alaska. One donor will be randomly selected to win this party pack of UAF branded stuff.  It includes a steel water bottle to keep you hydrated, a mug to keep you caffeinated,  a reusable shopping bag that turns into a fish and a super cozy ‘Nooks with Hooks’ hoodie.

Donate and you can win this UAF prize pack. The sweatshirt alone enables you to see Russia from your house.

Dr. Martini (156 Posts)

Kim is a Senior Oceanographer at Sea-Bird Scientific. She received her Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from the University of Washington in 2010. Her goal in life is to throw expensive s**t in the ocean. When not at sea, she has used observations from moored, satellite and land-based instruments to understand the pathways that wind and tidal energy take from large (internal tides) to small scales (turbulence). Her current mission is to make your oceanographic data be the best data it can be.