Undersea jewelry (and sparkling diamonds) from Tiffany & Co.

If any readers out there want to spoil the ladies of DSN with some diamonds, we will gladly accept any of these lovely pieces from Tiffany & Co. (my favourite shop, of course). I just stumbled upon this fabulous collection designed by Jean Schlumberger, who presents a delicious array of jeweled ocean creatures.

For a cool $125,000, you could be the belle of your next scientific conference ball, strutting in with this gorgeous “Jellyfish clip” attached to your LBD or BCD. Who wouldn’t want to be dripping in 2.97 carats of diamonds?

Jean Schlumberger “Jellyfish clip” – Tiffany & Co.

If shapeless invertebrates aren’t your thing, consider splurging on this “Two-fish clip” ($105,000), featuring 19th-century-inspired paillonné enamel fins:

Jean Schlumberger “Two-fish clip” – Tiffany & Co.

Or perhaps the “Seahorse Clip”, where diamonds, amethyst, periodot and pink sapphire are nestled within an 18k gold and platinum lattice ($54,000):

Jean Schlumberger “Seahorse clip” – Tiffany & Co.

And finally, at only $4,500 these diamond and green enamel “Shell ear clips” are are absolute bargain – why, they’re so glamorous they nearly pay for themselves!

Jean Schlumberger “Shell ear clips” – Tiffany & Co.


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