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Dr. Alistair Dove is a systematic and ecological parasitologist by training, with broader research interests in the natural history and health of marine animals, especially whale sharks. He is currently Director of Research and Conservation at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta USA. His comments here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Georgia Aquarium

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  1. I am the superintendent of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. We will put this word out on our Facebook site and Tweet, and talk to people we know that live near there.

    Very interested in information about whale sharks at or near Flower Garden Banks. We have acoustic receivers at several banks in the area. Did the animal also have an acoustic tag (Vemco)? We have had whale sharks tagged in Mexico with acoustic tags show up at nearby banks, but not yet at Flower Garden Banks.

    1. Hi there! No, we didn’t have an acoustic transmitter on this animal. It was a Desert Star SeaTagMOD solar powered archival tag. As far as I know, Lucy is the first whale shark to connect the Yucatan aggregation with Flower Garden Banks so her track will be especially interesting. I think we all suspected that Yucatan animals would go there since they seem to go throughout the GoM, but its nice to gather some evidence. Thanks for putting the word out!

  2. Hi Al,

    Great news about Lucy’s trip to the FGBs. However she is not the first animal to connect the Mexico Aggregation and the northern Gulf of Mexico and the Flower Garden BAnks area in particular. A whale shark I acoustically tagged in Mexico was picked up on the Bright bank receiver (12miles from FGB). I presented this linkage to GOM stakeholders at the Large Marine Ecosystem meeting held in Veracruz a couple of years ago. Interesting to see all the linkages!



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