Narwhals Gone Wild.

Have you ever laid in your bed at night, dreaming what your favorite entertainment personalities would look like re-imagined as narwhals?  Well wonder no more my friends.  Artist Hayley Casset has done all the hard work for you at her awesome Etsy shop.

Just because narwhals lost their science epic battle to elephant seals, doesn’t mean they still can’t rule the ropes of the WWE.

Wrestlemania 2030? Bring it!


Narwhals exploring outer space?  Sure.

Narwhal blubber is so thick, it doesn’t need a space suit.

Data love spot. Spot love Data.

May the force be with this Narwhal.

Who knew they made slave bikinis in Narwhal sizes?

There is no other way to describe this but as AWESOME. My inner 80’s child rejoices.

I will make everything beautiful with colors.

Narwhals on Day 1 of Spring Break….

Guys, isn’t my new T-shirt so ironic?

and that same Narwhal 3-days later.

 I can’t recall exactly what happened after the 12th tequila body shot with that Llama….


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