I Got Wood


BWyw0JUCMAAfPXpI will be noticeably absent here for the next few weeks as I head out to sea to collect woodfall communities at the appropriately and not so coincidentally name Deadwood site.  What’s a woodfall community? Here is collection of links about wood fall communities and all the wee beasties that live on them.

woodfallYou can follow me on Twitter @DrCraigMc and #woodfall to get to photos and thoughts as I participate on the cruise.  Also make sure to follow my fellow cruise participant and wood fall enthusiast @jenna_judge as well.  As a special treat I prepared the above photo to show all the cool critters we found on the logs last time! Click it for the full size image. The only thing to do now is pack this shirt.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 2.00.45 PM


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  1. Have fun CMC. Don’t forget to bring back cool deep sea collections souvenirs for all your favorite bloggers ;)

  2. Always been fascinated by accounts of xylophagous chitons on woodfalls. Polyplacophora are not a class of critters that I would have expected to find feeding on wood.

    How many bores would a wood borer bore
    if a wood borer would bore bores?

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