Ain't Nothing but a Green Crab Thang


The newest hit jam from Eric Axelman and the infamous Bertness Lab. Bringing us everything we need to know about the Masters of the Marsh, the Mac Crabbies of the Mudflats, the undeniable, the indescribable…the Green Crab.

Alex Warneke (67 Posts)

Alex Warneke currently resides as a graduate student at San Diego State University. As a chemical ecologist, Alex’s research focuses on the effects of heavy metal pollutants on the chemical communication between organisms. In her “free time,” Alex enjoys convincing the public that Ecology is indeed sexy. With that goal, she is a strong proponent of unconventional science communication and extending the broader impacts of her research to the general public using the outlets of film and social media. When she is not busy busting a move in the cold room or filming her next rap video, she can normally be found frolicking through the California kelp forest.

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