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A couple months back, I introduced the beginnings of an epic collaboration known as Bio Logik.

Bio Logik is the deeper understanding of Biology and Ecology that is achieved when science, hip hop, and videos merge. This collaboration emphasizes the production of scientifically accurate music videos that 1) create a more personal connection between students and science and 2) make science accessible to a broader audience. The Bio Logik crew is represented by SDSU professor (Dr. Jeremy Long), high school teacher (John Ashley), two hip hop artists (Parker Edison and Generik), a film production team (Rowlbertos), myself and other SDSU graduate students.

Over the past couple of months, students from Mar Vista High School have been working diligently on their science music videos and now without further ado…

I think we have created little monsters. Mission accomplished.

For more amazing science videos, check out: Bio Logik

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