The official anthology of Rick Ross rapping about crustaceans


I generally bow to Dr. M and Alex when it comes to rap music knowledge, but I’m just going to add this little factlet to the DSN vaults. Rick Ross, raps about crustaceans. A LOT*. And after reading all these lyrics, I’m positive there is a special place in his stomach for all arthropods.

What does this dude do first thing in the morning?

Early worm, I’m talking shrimp and grits

…and later in the day.

Now I’m in the suites and eatin’ crab meats

It came out to $48.99, but that’s cool.

do the math bucket full of crab

Crap, that’s another 99 cents.

Order crab legs with the heavy butter

But don’t worry, Rick’s got a plan to cover the additional costs.

Excellent Pimp Salty The Shrimp

No one can resist Rick’s shrimp pimp.

Now it’s shrimp, order more shrimp

Growing our business and expanding the merchandise.

Stuffed shells – thanks to crack, I crack
Crabs and lobsters, not all mobsters

Until we are an Arthropod dealing empire….

And there was commas after commas, I eat ‘em like Benihanas
Put the shrimp over the pasta, the pasta over the lobster
And the lobster over the table, power circle a mafia

…because truly, you can’t resist.

Am I really just a narcissist
Cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?

Added bonus GIF: Rick Ross learns about infinite shrimp.

*If you want to be particular, he raps about food all the time.

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